Tony is a self-professed design nerd. From motion direction to UI and illustration, his breadth of knowledge has resulted in award-winning work. With over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, Tony has designed and concepted for big brands like Google, BMW, Mazda, Microsoft and Dell. In the last seven years he has worked for Schematic and POSSIBLE, becoming a digital advertising evangelist along the way. Through his unique style, he’s helped both agencies create digital experiences that have the power to elevate brands. Most recently, he designed and illustrated one of 2015’s best business books, “Does it Work?” His work extended to the books digital presence, encompassing web design and promotional videos.


In addition, his unique illustration style has led to much notoriety outside of the advertising industry. His illustrations have appeared in Gestalten’s Editorial, Juxtapoz, and AI-AP New York two years running. 

I always think about creating stuff that I could hang in my own house or wear myself. Design should definitely be a lot more than pretty aesthetics, it needs to communicate something.
How can someone believe in your idea if you are not convinced of it.